Our Team

Our Mission

To strengthen and facilitate the relationship between all stakeholders within the Business Administration program by creating unity among students, faculty, alumni and the community at large.  Through this relationship the Trent Business Students’ Association creates value by pursuing initiatives to engage all stakeholders. We aspire to challenge and assist Trent Business to continually progress toward a diverse and unique school of business.

Our History

The Trent Business Students’ Association was founded in 1998 by a group of dedicated Trent Business Students who saw the need for an extra-curricular side to the Business Administration Program at Trent University. From that simple starting point, those students developed a vision of the ideal student organization; one which encompasses personal and professional development, academic enrichment, social networking, and in all generality, a feeling of belonging for those students associated with Trent Business. Since that time, the Trent Business Students’ Association has become an integral and respected counterpart of the Business Administration Program; providing academic support and enrichment, social networking and event opportunities, community support, and the opportunity for Trent Business Students to prove themselves in the field of intramural athletics.