My name is Madeline Porter and I am the Vice President of Student Affairs. Last year I held the position of Director of External Relations.  I am so happy to be a student at Trent, and grateful that you, as students, have given me the opportunity to help shape the Trent Business community. I am a joint business and sociology major. I chose to pursue this degree because I passionate about issues such as social inequality and I see the potential for solutions in the way that the discipline of business uses specific tools to accomplish things - business students know how to get stuff done. Some of my professional skills include grant proposal writing, policy writing, and research. This year my team and I will be bringing you the Welcome Carnival, Women Speak 2.0, Etiquette Session, TBSA Sponsored Study Sessions, a Trent-Fleming Case Competition and the Gala and Awards night, among other things. It is my hope that through these events you will foster connections with your peers, faculty, and the community, and leave Trent better prepared for the professional world. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and helping to create your best out-of-classroom experience.