VP External

Sarah Healey is a 4th year Business Administration student and in her second year at Trent University; in 2014 she graduated from International Trade at Fleming College then transferred to Trent University.  Sarah is the Vice President of External Relations for the Trent Business Students’ Association where she has two directors who work with her: the Direct of External Relations and Memberships and the Director of Fleming Relations. As VP External Relations it is Sarah's job to create the sponsorship package and distribute it to the Peterborough community.

As representatives of Trent and the Business Administration program Sarah believes it is important to create partnerships with external organizations as they are vital to the success of our mission. Moreover maintaining relationships with external partners for the future of our board, students and school. Secondly, I facilitate the Membership Program for our students; external organizations sponsor numerous memberships to their organization exclusively to the Trent Business Students’ Association to distribute to our students. Previously on the board I was the Director of Fleming Relations where I was responsible for bridging the gap between the two post-secondary institutions in Peterborough. Last year along with my team from the Trent Business Students’ Association we ran the Company Crawl which was recognized nationally by the Canadian Association of Business Students and won the Bonnie Patterson Grant for leadership.

My goal for 2015-2016 is to add more value to our already impressive business degree, by accessing more sponsorship for our students to increase the level of academic value to our events.