Executive Applications are open!

To fill an executive role, you must have past experience on the TBSA and 30 signatures from students within the business program in support of your decision to run (see signature sheet below).

To run for President of the Trent Business Students’ Association, you will be required to apply with a written reference letter from a business faculty member in addition to prior involvement on the board, and the support of 30 cohorts from the Trent Business Program.


Application Process

  1. Submit Cover Letter, Resume and completed signature sheet to tbsaelections@gmail.com indicating which executive position you are applying for.

  2. If successful in Step 1, you will be notified by Election Committee to schedule interview time.

  3. If successful in Step 2, you will be notified by Election Committee of your eligibility to participate in the campaign period.

  4. Campaign period will run for one week, then open forum will occur. This forum is an opportunity for candidates to meet the student body and answer any questions they may have regarding their campaign.

  5. An electronic vote will open to students within Trent’s School of Business.

  6. After 24 hour voting period, results will be tabulated, successful candidates notified and results posted.

For more information please feel free to contact us, as we are happy to answer any questions you may have!